Please remember these descriptions are guidelines only, we do ask that you discuss your level of riding and which group would benefit you most with your instructor after your first lesson.

Beginner/Level 1:

Beginner riders are people who have never ridden before through to those who have ridden a couple of times but have not yet mastered independent rising trot and steering at the same time.

Beginner Plus/Level 2:

Able to do rising trot, starting to learn canter and small jumps

Intermediate/Level 3:

Having gained complete control over the horse whilst rising to the trot, intermediate riders will be learning to master the canter. It is expected that intermediate riders are both competent and happy to tackle a variety of horses, even the slightly more stubborn ones!

Advanced intermediate/Level 4

Proficent in walk trot and canter, has experience in cross country, is capable of jumping a 80cm course and is learning the mechanics of riding.

Advanced/level 5:

Advanced riders should be starting to work on some of the more complicated obstacles of riding such as jumping, lateral work and have an understanding of the mechanics of riding. It is expected that advanced riders be highly competent on all the riding school horses and may also be on the road to individual horse ownership!


What to wear

At Carrickmines Equestrian centre and riding school we have a large selection of BHS approved riding hats available for both adults and children taking part in lessons, these are provided free of charge.

All riders must wear suitable foot wear – boot or shoe with a definite heel, no runners.

Track suit or Comfortable trousers. Denim not advised  for your own comfort!

We ride out in all weather, so please ensure to wear appropriate warm or waterproof clothing for such conditions.

Avoid baggy items of clothing

While hats are provided, for regular riders we recommend investing in BHS approved hat and back protector and jodpurs. All items are available in our tack shop at discounted prices.